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Transport and logistics

PHOENIX ACF analyses your needs and requests to bring you its expertise in the design and implementation of the most appropriate solution or solutions to meet your expectations according to three parameters :

  • Costs

  • Quality of service

  • Compliance of your products and services with the expectations of your market


PHOENIX ACF is there to support you along the following assignments :

  • Presenting our methodology

  • Listening to your operational staff talk about their practices and expectations

  • Conducting and in-depth analysis of the information collected and of the various parameters of your company and environment

  • Drawing up procedures

  • Examining the selected solutions from all sides in order to promote simple implementation

PHOENIX ACF offers you customised, hands-on assistance in order to deliver a service of the highest standard.

Audit - CACES® 2020 Guidelines

PHOENIX ACF analyses your needs and requests to bring you its expertise in the design and implementation of the CACES® 2020 guidelines in order to obtain the certification.

Job-specific training

Training is provided by experienced teams in these lines of business :

  • Companies specialised in transport

  • Logistics providers

  • Industrialists' logistics departments


They will share their professional skills in the following jobs :

  • Logistic Manager

  • Operations Management

  • Trainer

PHOENIX ACF offers pick & mix training modules or in-house training prepared according to your needs :

  • Training for Management jobs (team manager or department head)

  • Training for order pickers, on-board (PDA) and voice-activated computers

  • Training module for the proper welcoming of temping staff from the point of view of safety (compulsory for companies that hire temping staff)

  • Operating licence training for fork-lift truck drivers, according to the R489 guidelines, categories 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

  • Operating licence training for the Mobile elevating staff platform according to the R486 guidelines, categories A / B / C

  • Operating licence training "Construction Machinery" according to the R482 guidelines, categories A / B1 / C1 / D / E / F / G

  • Operating licence training "Cargo Crane" according to the R490 guidelines

  • Operating licence training "Overhead Cranes" according to the R484 guidelines, category 1

  • Operating licence training "Accompanying Stackers" according to the R485, categories 1 / 2

  • Training in Ergonomic working Movements and Postures

  • Training for Chief operating officers and Transportation law

  • Training "Transport Capacity Certificate"

  • Training "Heavy Truck Driving" (driving licence C / EC)

  • Examination Board of all Logistic Professional Titles certified by The Ministry of Labour